Pour Your Own Pint

Pour your own pint

Pour Your own Pint table is a great way to have fun with your friends.

Test your pouring skills by pouring a Guinness or Heineken for you and your mates and sit back and enjoy it in the comfort of your own space.
These tables are ideal for staff nights out or just a group of friends getting together.

Each table features Guinness and Heineken taps, which are connected to their own kegs directly under the table giving you an excellent quality pint.

Ever wanted to pour your own pints? Well, now you can. Pull up a bar stool at a table with your very own beer tap. Not sure you’d know where to start? Don’t worry. A few quick lessons from our bar tenders and you’ll be pulling pints like a pro in no time!!
Our table has a set of taps which allow you to pour your own perfect pints of Guinness or Heineken.
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